Two independent distance measurement counters and showing setting a distance
Monit, speed and average speed measurement
Display showing easy-to-use calibration
Monit showing aux input setting with, clear interval, count up-down and freeze displayed

Accurate Distance Counters.

The Monit Q-Series is fitted with two five-digit distance counters that can be quickly set to zero or adjusted up and down using the simple menu system. The counting direction (up or down) can be changed, and the decimal point automatically shifts to allow measurement of very large distances. An external hand or foot-switch can be connected to clear the distances, change the counting direction, or implement a freeze function.

Current & Average Speed (Q-20 only).

The Q-20 rally computer includes a speed measurement system that lets you view your current vehicle speed in real-time. The system uses an advanced algorithm that computes a new speed value up to four times a second. The result is a highly responsive speed display, ideal for vehicles that accelerate or brake quickly.

The Q-20 also includes an average speed measurement function that is essential for many regularity, TSD and Oldtimer type rally events.

Calibration Wizard.

For a traditional wheel sensor based rally computer to perform at its best it needs to be calibrated accurately. This might not be something you do very often, but when you do you shouldn't have to wade through complicated calculations and confusing instructions. Using its unique menu based interface, the Monit Q-Series tripmeter guides you through the calibration process using simple on-screen instructions.

The Q-Series also allows you to manually view and edit the calibration number (pulses per km/mile) directly-essential if you regularly change tyre sizes or swap the unit between vehicles.

Hand or Foot-Switch Input.

Every Q-Series tripmeter includes a programmable hand or foot-switch input that can be configured using the menu system to either clear the distance counters, change the counting direction, or freeze the display.