Isometric of the Monit Q-Series tripmeter
Construction design of the Q-Series rally computer
Easy-to-use Monit rally computer menu design
Design of the Monit Q-Series tripmeter box and packaging
Multiple language design rally tripmeter

Smaller. Simpler. Smarter.

Built using the latest technology, the Monit Q-Series range are a great rally computer for club-competitors. With a modern light-weight design and easy-to-use mobile phone style interface, it's the affordable alternative to existing bulky, complicated and outdated rally computer products. All Q-Series models use a traditional wheel speed sensor to measure distance and speed.

Sunlight viewable display.

The Q-Series tripmeter uses the same high-quality liquid crystal display as the top of the range Monit G-Series+ to deliver exceptional clarity under all lighting conditions. This high-contrast graphics display is fitted with a bright white LED backlight and anti-glare coating to ensure clear operation whether at night or under the midday sun. No more squinting or shielding the display with your hands, with the Q-Series you get the information you need, whenever you need it.

Light-weight, rally-proof construction.

For the last nine years Monit Rally Computers have been proving themselves on the tough rally stages of the WRC, IRC, Mille Miglia and classic Peking to Paris. The Q-Series draws from the experience of the Monit G-Series to deliver the same exceptional reliability in the most challenging conditions. And by using the latest surface mount electronics technology and a light-weight polymer case, the Q-Series does all this while weighing only 100g—less than a third of the weight of competing products.

Easy-to-use menu system.

Some competing rally computers boast extensive features list, yet require you to be a rocket scientist to perform even the most basic functions. The Monit Q-Series rally computer is designed differently. With a large graphics screen and powerful menu system, using a Q-Series is simple to operate. The most common functions are kept simple and logical, while clear on-screen instructions guide you through more complex tasks such as calibration. No more confusing abbreviations or complicated button sequences, just simple operation from the moment you turn it on.

Simple installation.

With the Q-Series, ease-of-use starts right out of the box. Comprehensive and clear instructions, a high quality wiring loom and plug-in speed sensors simplify wiring and reduce the potential problems caused by faulty installation. The small size and weight also makes mounting the Q-Series rally computer inside a vehicle much easier than competing bulky products, particularly if it needs to be fitted around airbags or other safety equipment.

Multi-language operation.

All Q-Series units come with English, French, Italian and Spanish language operation. So you can enjoy the simple operation of the Monit Q-Series tripmeter no matter where you live in the world.