New for 2020
New Monit Hardware
Monit Rally Computer multiple stopwatches
Monit multiple tripmeter average speed calculators
Ability to adjust the GPS distance reading
New Monit GNSS/GPS Tripmeter Antennas
New Monit hand remote for quick distance adjustment

New for 2020 - Monit G-100+ and G-200+ rally computers

Introducing the new Monit G-Series+ rally computers. The same simple easy-to-use Monit design has evolved to add improved features and a new significantly more powerful GPS hardware platform, ensuring the new Monit G-Series+ rally computers are the most accurate tripmeter distance measuring system available.

The Monit G-100+ and G-200+ supersede the previous G-100 and G-200 tripmeters. Stage rally competitors, teams competing in regularity rallies, and crews measuring accurate distances for pacenotes in recce cars, will all benefit greatly from upgrading to the new 2020 G-Series+ models.

More powerful hardware.

In an iterative design process that spanned over one year long, and included an extensive testing program, the Monit G-Series+ rally computer has emerged with a substantially improved global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Now using three co-current networks of satellites, the Monit GPS+ system uses the new European Galileo satellites in conjunction with GPS and GLONASS, to provide the most accurate vehicle-based satellite distance measurement available from a tripmeter. Additionally, the Monit GPS+ hardware has a stronger signal amplifier to improve sensitivity. The system also accounts for vertical changes in distance.

Greater precision.

The GPS system in our previous G-Series models was already very accurate in most situations but the hardware improvements built into the new Monit G-100+ and G-200+ tripmeters provide significantly improved accuracy.
In particular, precision in situations with; narrow valleys, tree coverage on road sides, urban canyons (high surrounding buildings), or tight twisty roads with high road sides, will all be greatly improved with the new G-Series+.

The Monit G-100+ and G-200+ tripmeters retain the ability to switch off the GPS+ system and to run from a ground based traditional speed pulse such as; a wheel probe, speed sensor or speed signal from the vehicle. Learn more.

New features.

Adjust GPS calibration.

A new GPS adjustment feature has been added to allow the customer to ‘calibrate’ their Monit tripmeter to the rally organisers distances when the Monit is running in GPS+ only mode. This means if the organisers have measured their course with a poorly calibrated tripmeter, the new G-100+ and G-200+ can be ‘calibrated’ in GPS+ mode to match the organisers incorrect distances.

Previously when using the GPS mode it was only possible to display the true distance.

Average speed and stopwatch upgrades.

Additional stopwatch and average speed calculators have been added to the Monit G-200+ to further assist when competing in regularity rally tests, classic, and oldtimer rally events.

The average speed calculator has been updated and can be cleared instantly by pressing a button on the G-200+ or by using the auxiliary inputs via a Monit hand remote or foot reset.

Additional adjustability.

The Monit G-Series+ auxiliary inputs now have the option to adjust the distance up and down allowing quick addition or subtraction of distance from the counters on fly. Particularly useful for regularity tests, TSD and oldtimer rallies, this feature is best applied using our new AC009 hand remote See here.

Previously the interval distance was permanently displayed on the top display line, now the new Monit G-Series+ gives the user ability to select which feature is displayed at the top, with Speed, Stopwatch1, Average Speed1 and Interval Distance counter as the options.
The bottom display remains the same as previous models with the ability to display any of the many measured parameters.

Upgraded GPS antennas.

To ensure the best performance from the new G-Series+ it is important to use the new Monit PR004 and PR005 antennas which were upgraded at the beginning of 2019. The upgraded Monit antennas are labelled with ‘GPS/GNSS’, previous antennas where labelled with only ‘GPS’.

The Monit antennas are specifically designed for the Monit GPS+ GNSS system, using any other antenna will reduce the accuracy and precision of the distance data.

1. Stopwatch #2 and Average Speed #2 features only able on G-200+ model. The G-100+ does include a single stopwatch able to be displayed on the bottom line