AC010 - 2-Button Hand Remote

The robust and compact 2-button hand remote is CNC machined from billet aluminum for long lasting durability. Simple plug in connection to the Monit G-Series+ rally computers allow the control of the Auxiliary A and B inputs enabling the user to select, and change, in the menu what functions to control with the remote.

Options in the G-Series+ include: Clear Interval distance counter, Clear Total distance counter, Freeze the display, Count up/down (reverse counting direction), Pause distance counters, Adjust Distance Up, Adjust Distance Down, change Display Mode, Backlight Dim, and Stopwatch control.
The G200+ model has the additional options of: Stopwatch 2 control, and Clear Average Speed.


Width: 23mm
Length: 75mm
Height: 13mm
Cable Length: 1800mm


(EN) AC010 Installation Guide.pdf (38kB)

Monit tripmeter 2-button hand remote